dogs-play-on-beachWe’re back from a week of camping and I can safely say that a holiday with a dog rocks. A huge difference from our first experience of holidaying with our dog. This time a few things had changed to make it more fun for everyone…….

Here are 5 reasons why my holiday with my dog was more enjoyable this time:

1. I was better prepared. Thanks to Mary Oquendo’s easily digestible book Let’s Go Fido II I had a ‘list’ drawn up of things I needed to make this trip stress free (and there’s nothing like a list to make you feel like you have all bases covered).

2. We travelled NO huge distances. Our destination was close by at Bramston Beach, just 1-hour south of Cairns in Far North Queensland. Because of this we could take 2 cars and comfortably fit everything in. A week’s supply of camping gear for a family of 4 and a big dog means there is a bit of gear to squeeze in!

dogs-dogs-dogs3. We stayed at an extremely dog-friendly campsite called Bramston Beach Caravan Park and Campground. This is a very shady Council-run campground where I’m sure that every second camper had a dog with them! At one stage we counted over 20 dogs and there are only 50 sites available at the grounds. This came as a complete surprise as it was hard to notice – there was no incessant barking or any troublesome incidents with any of these dogs.

The best part about this spot was that there was plenty of open spaces nearby to exercise your dog off-leash. Nearby Parkland and the beach provided the perfect opportunity to expend our dog’s energy without any fears of him running off and never be seen again. Plus there were a bountiful number of doggy play friends to choose from.

4. I packed in lots of dog-friendly gear for my holiday with dog in tow. A new and updated ID tag, a stake to firmly secure Scooter around the campsite, a Kong for some extra playtime whilst spending time tied-up, AND my new best doggy travel item – our Heyrex Torus Water Bowl (which I won in a recent competition). You can actually travel with the water ready to go inside this bowl with no risk of spillage, and the water is ready to go when you require it!

Heyrex-Torus-Water-BowlI’ve always struggled to get my dog to drink out of a water bowl. We normally have to take frequent trips to a ‘running’ tap to keep Scooter hydrated. The new Heyrex Water Bowl was self-replenishing and kept the water fresh and cool in its outer rim, allowing just enough water to keep my dog’s thirst quenched. Despite being placed in a hot-spot for spillage it was extremely stable and if a bit of dirt or leaves entered the bowl, it was easy to tip-out and replenish with the ‘fresh’ water (what my dog continually seeks) that sits in the bowl’s rim – ie. less fussing around my dog meant more time to put my feet up and relax!!

5. We found some pet-sitters and managed a small trip away to a nearby National Park (no dogs allowed). Thanks to all the super-friendly dog people in our campsite we discovered a lovely couple (thank you Keith and Susan and your lovely pup Mishka) that were happy to watch our dog for half a day. It gave us the opportunity to explore a new spot nearby and relax in the knowledge that our dog was happy and safe.

Ultimately this was such an enjoyable holiday with dog in tow and something we would all be happy to do again. Scooter had a ball, we loved him being with us and it was stress free – isn’t that what holidays are supposed to be all about?

Do you enjoy holidays with dogs? Any other recommendations you can make?

This post is also part of the Fit Dog Friday Blog hop.

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