dog-in-wet-cane-fieldsHow do you cope with exercising a dog when conditions outside are less than ideal? We’ve had a week of wet weather and sometimes it’s hard to feel enthusiastic about taking my dog for a walk – So here’s 5 Tips on how to keep exercising a dog when things don’t look so great outside…….

muddy-dog-bike-and-legsTip 1 – Grin and Bear it. Living in the tropics means you get your fair share of rain. Thankfully it’s never really ‘cold’ rain so I just make sure I’m prepared either to get ‘wet and dirty’ when I’m out riding the bike with the dog. It’s just a matter of hosing everything down (including myself) when we return. Sometimes it’s just a matter of dressing for the conditions. There’s enough ‘adventure’ and ‘outdoorsy’ gear out there to keep you (and your dog) comfortable when outside exercising a dog.

Tip 2 – Exercise Inside. I must admit that the humidity in the tropics can be overwhelming at times – if we haven’t managed an early morning run then the best bet is to find some water to play in. Sometimes though time is of the essence and this is where a dog treadmill would be handy. Your dog can still achieve an awesome workout without any need to venture outside. DogTread have some fantastic products for exercising a dog indoors plus some great videos to watch if you’re interested in this option.cool_dog_tricks

Tip 3 – Perform Cool Dog Tricks. Did you know that performing cool dog tricks can be a workout in itself for a dog. Mental stimulation can often achieve a similar state of exhaustion as a walk around the block. Some nose-work such as a simple game of ‘hide the treats’ around your lounge room could be all you need to exercise your dog. If you’re looking for more ideas check out this Blog: Dog Training Games – 3 Cool Dog Tricks.

dog-walking-servicesTip 4 – Contact the Professionals. If you’re not willing to go outside then find someone that will. It might be worthwhile contacting a professional that can help you with exercising your dog. Dog walkers are popping up everywhere and chances are there will be a good one in your neighbourhood. Another option is to take your dog to a Doggy Daycare Centre. It’s an ideal way for your dog to enjoy some socialisation and mental stimulation in a supervised environment. Some places even offer indoor swimming pools – ideal for exercising a dog.

PawsonthePath - YAPS

Tip 5 – Attend a Dog Event. By registering you and your pooch for a Dog Event it often means that you will be committed to attending even if the weather is less than ideal. This was exactly my situation with the YAPS Fundraiser Paws on the Path – the weather was torrential But we had already committed money and knew others that would be attending. The day turned out to be loads of fun despite the fact we got soaked through. The event ended up being a great reason for everybody to get outside and exercising their dog.

Any other tips you would like to add? What do you do when the weather sucks and your dog needs exercising?

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