bike-with-dogLike your bike? Like your dog? Combine the two and it’s a perfect way to get outside and enjoy the outdoors together. Some dogs are born to run with a bike, others would prefer to hop onboard for the ride. Here’s a list of 5 different ways you can enjoy biking with your dog……….

1. Connect your dog to your bike and venture out on a ride together – side-by-side. Both you and your dog get a great workout (particularly if you go off-road) and it’s a quick way to burn your dog’s energy if you only have a limited time on your hands. In How to Bike with a Dog Part 1 and Part 2 you can get the low down on how my dog Scooter and I cycle together daily.

dog-in-bike-trailer2. Hitch a trailer to your bike and tow your dog. This is great alternative if you feel uncomfortable with a dog running beside the bike or if your dog isn’t overly keen on running. You’ll need to train your dog to stay inside the trailer and not to jump out when you’re moving along. It will also require some extra effort to tow your dog too. Be sure to consider all the safety issues of riding along roads with a trailer attached and wear bright clothes and a flag to help vehicles spot your extra baggage.

dog-in-bike-basket3. Carry your dog via a basket attached to the bike. This is a great way for smaller dogs to travel along with you. You can keep a close eye on them if they’re up front with you and your dog gets to see and sniff all the things whizzing past without running their little legs ragged. You may want to line the basket to make it more comfortable for the dog and once again you will have to train your dog to stay put. No jumping out! (PS. This isn’t necessarily just for smaller dogs. Check out this link if you don’t believe me).


Image by Kevin Roberts of Skijor Oxford Dogs

4. Try BikeJoring. Kind of like Dog Sledding minus the snow and ice and using a bike instead of a sled. Your dog is out in front of you and the bike, towing you via a harness and a bungy lead. It’s a great workout for your dog and fantastic for breeds that are super active. Training your dog is important as you’ll want some control whilst you’re being towed along. You’ll also have to make sure you your dog is not partial to taking off after wildlife. See Kevin Roberts Blog at Skijor Oxford Dogs for more information on this.

5. Let your dog ‘climb’ onboard and just ‘hitch’ a ride. This looks seriously dodgy but it obviously works for some dogs and their owners. I can imagine it would be a great exercise in the art of balance for both of you. If you are able to bike with a dog this way please forward me a photo……. Click this link to a video that might inspire you to give it a go.

Have you attempted cycling with your dog? Which of these ways would you choose to bike with a dog?

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