Dog-bike-girlWant a more active and social life?

Get a dog.

A dog can provide inspiration to move, enjoy others and ultimately lead to a happier you.

This blog is all about me and my dog and the joy and inspiration of getting out and about with him each day.

I began PawsandPedals (FitDog101) at the start of 2013 to get a ‘feel’ for what it was like to BLOG – Plus I ¬†wanted to share my passion for exercising with my best workout buddy yet – my dog.

1 year on and my ‘Dog’ Blog has received over 5000 hits in 1 month.

FitDog101 also has a number of Followers in the world of Social Media:

Instagram – Over 700 Followers

Twitter – Over 700 Followers

Facebook – Over 300 Likers

Pinterest – Almost 50 Followers

I have run competitions in conjunction with DOOG, EzyDog and SmartCookee Dog Treats. Plus some of my ‘evergreen’ blog content will be featuring over the next few months on

If you are a company that is interested in receiving some of my professional content (I offer great pics and a great writing style) OR you are a company who would like to work with me (and my pooch) with a related Dog Product Review and Giveaway then Please send me an email –

In the meantime you will find me busy at 2 new sites that I am launching over the next few months