dog-with-stick-on-beachAs the countdown to Christmas continues so does Scooter’s List of “Must Haves….” So far we’ve ticked off yummy treats as an essential item to go in the Dog’s Xmas Stocking. Next on the list is something to help make our dog walks operate a little smoother…..

Scooter loves to chase. That’s why the bike runs in the cane-fields work so well with him. On the odd occasion though, we are forced to take to the streets and walk together. It’s still good for Scooter to release that extra bit of energy, and we often do this with with a game of fetch or some water play. Over time and experience though I’ve begun to realise that not all toys for dogs are created equal.

Ball’s suck for Scooter – he’ll easily pulverise a tennis ball after only 4 good throws. Plus he hates fishing them out of the water. Sticks and coconuts are his number one preference. Lobbing a coconut around though can be a tad hazardous, and watching Scooter run with a stick gets me hot under the collar (particularly when it juts out directly forward).DOOG-sticksSo my next item on Scooter’s “Must Have” list is one of ‘The Sticks’ from the Dog Owners Outdoor Gear (DOOG) company. These splinter free sticks float, glow at night and have a hand grip and rope for easy ‘flinging’. I love the different characters and love the fact my dog won’t get ‘impaled’ when he runs with it sticking directly out from his mouth.

And to make it easier for me to get out the front gate and go on a dog walk (without taking the obligatory 2 to 3 returns for forgotten items which gets my dog sulking) I would have to add the DOOG Walkie Belt to this list. The Walkie Belt already has the essential poo bags and hand wipes tucked inside, some pockets for the mobile, keys and treats, and even a hook to hang it near the front door ready to go at a moments notice. It may even make a good alternative to the bum bag that is hanging off my bike handlebars at present.DOOG-dog-walking-gearAnd finally, because Scooter is often one thirsty (and fussy) mutt when we’re out on our walks together, it would be great to have a DOOG Water Rover for quick hydration stops. This handy little water bottle/drinking bowl clips onto the Walkie Belt and allows minimal wastage each time you pour it for your pooch. Maybe I could convince him to drink from this rather than the festery, cane toad infested ponds that he likes to slip into and cool down in. He certainly would smell a whole lot better if he stuck to drinking from the Water Rover!

dog-in-waterSo Number 3 on Scooter’s “Must Have List” for this years Christmas Doggy Stocking is the DOOG dog walking pack – One of ‘The Sticks’ Family, a ‘Walkie Belt’ and a ‘Water Rover’. For my readers based in the US or Australia you have the chance to treat your fur-baby with some DOOG goodies this Christmas – go to the Rafflecopter widget below and fill out as many entry boxes as you can.

Tune in next Friday as the countdown continues – this time it will be some EzyDog gear up for grabs.

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