dog-and-cane-fieldsAt last, we’re at the final item on the List of “Must Haves…” for my dog Scooter this Christmas. We’ve covered Tasty Treats, Dog-Walking Gear, comfy Active Gear for more doggy ‘swag’ and now we’ve arrived at the Number One item that Scooter should have in his Christmas Stocking this year…….

The best present for Scooter in my eyes would have to be a GoPro camera. My dog Scooter of course will act fairly nonchalant about this gift (his preference will be for something he can put inside his stomach) BUT I am sure the GoPro will be the winning item in his Doggy Christmas

For me, the blog and the photos I post up regularly only tell half the story of our moments together. It’s finally time to hand the reins over to the one that has impelled me to share all these stories. My dog Scooter is the Number One reason why I cycle and get active each and every day. The joy I feel from the burst of speed gained from cycling the nearby cane fields is hard to picture, unless you’re there. I’m hoping the GoPro will give everyone a ‘dogs’ eye view of what its like to be out, having fun and doing what you love each day.

If you’re not entirely convinced that cycling with your dog can be a huge thrill for both of you then you need to check out some of these videos from this blog.

And of course there is the classic GoPro video shot at the Dog Park. Who doesn’t get a high from seeing a dog park from the dog’s perspective.

So look out 2014! It’s time for Scooter to take over some of our social media content and bring back footage of his favourite digs around Cairns, North Queensland. I’m hoping that with a GoPro we can give you a better taste at what it’s like to be an Aussie mutt living the dream and staying active everyday.

And although I’ve counted down a list of pressies for my dog I know the real reason I love having a dog on my household – it’s that he is the only one that is not all caught up in all the Christmas Buzz. All my dog really wants is to be loved, fed and share outings/hang-out with the family. I guess that’s why I love dogs – they teach us what’s really important in life.

What’s about your household? What are you looking forward to this Christmas?

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