dog-running-in-fieldOn a regular basis I’m up at the crack of dawn and heading out the gate with my dog for a 30-minute cycle around the neighbourhood. But somewhere along the way my dog has come to expect a second outing at the end of the day. For me, just fitting in the first outing is pretty darn special. When it comes to the afternoon I can’t say my heart (or mind) is really into it. Does anyone else share these thoughts……

My morning run with my dog Scooter is really enjoyable. It’s helps me wake-up, burn some energy and bond with my dog. Scooter’s a big energetic dog and really needs to expend some of his liveliness by running it off. When we’re linked together via the leash he’s always listening to me and will change his pace and direction to suit mine. When he gets to run off-leash he has plenty of opportunity to sniff, mark his territory and chase me on the bike. It’s a great arrangement and suits us, it seems for my dog one outing is never enough. I’m not sure whether it’s a desire to do his second dump of the day away from our home base, or that he’s just got so fit he needs even harder workouts. Either way he becomes seriously restless as the afternoon slides on and follows me everywhere. I’m sure it’s his way of dropping subtle hints.

So what’s my problem with exercising him in the afternoon?

1. I’m hard pressed fitting everything into a day as it is never mind having a dog harassing me for a SECOND outing!

2. For me, my non-fur babies (kids) and their afternoon activities become the priority at this time of the day.

3. It tends to be my chill-time NOT my up and go exercise time.

4. My heart really isn’t into it……

And I think No. 4 is the real problem. I do take Scooter out but it’s normally just across the road to the nearby park. More often than not I take a beer with me and let him run around off-leash (bad aren’t I). So really, this outing is more about my dog having a sniff, a dump (hopefully) and a break from our backyard. I really don’t feel energized enough to make him do tricks and I prefer not to throw a stick or ball around because he will often injure himself chasing them (I told you he was energetic). Apart from the odd hide-and-seek game I can’t say I invest too much into this time of day for should I feel bad? It could be a great chance for me to teach him better leash manners, or perhaps more cool dog tricks. But really, I look at it as a brief 15-20 minute break from the chaos of my household and a time just to zone out. I guess I should feel happy that he drags me away from it all……..

What are your thoughts? Does your dog get more than one walk a day? Do you believe I should be putting more effort in?

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