iPhone-dog-appDo you have a smart phone or tablet in your household? Any ‘doggy’ apps on there yet? Look through the iTunes store and you’ll realise there’s a huge variety of choices for dog lovers these days. I’ve taken the plunge and downloaded the SlimDoggy iPhone Dog App for Scooter and have been trialling it over the last week. Here are some of my discoveries……

The SlimDoggy iPhone Dog App helps you count calorie intake and calories burnt for your dog on a daily basis. It’s a bit like a human dieting calculator only specifically formulated for dogs. Obviously this is a fantastic tool for pet owners who need their pooches to lose some weight. Pet obesity is on the rise and the SlimDoggy app is specially designed to keep dogs slim, trim and living healthier.

So you’re probably wondering why my dog, Scooter, who is obviously getting more than his average quota of exercise a day and appears to be already in the healthy weight range, should need to trial this app. The main attraction was the fact you can keep track of your dog’s exercise and calculate (using the database of over 2000 commercial pet foods) the exact amount of food your pup should be consuming. So far I’ve relied on guesswork and a bit of commonsense to keep Scooter’s weight on track.

iPhone-dog-appOnce downloaded, I found the SlimDoggy iPhone Dog App easy to navigate and set up. You add all the critical details of your dog – breed, weight, age and a photo (if you’re like me this is easy as I have over 1000 on my phone to choose from) and you login through your Facebook,Twitter or email account. The ability to share Scooter’s activity through my pawsandpedalsoz social media account has been a huge bonus for me.

I was a bit dubious how applicable the SlimDoggy iPhone Dog App would be for someone living in Australia with a superfit and lean muttbreed dog. However I’ve managed to find our brand of commercial dog food in the database (and a full list of ingredients and a rating system which I find educational) and the app does take into consideration metric conversions outside the US.

iPhone-dog-appI also like the fact I can custom add the various other foods that we give Scooter over the week – mainly scraps from the dinner table (off-cuts of raw meat, cooked rice, veges ignored by our kids, chicken wings etc). It’s just a matter of researching how many calories may be in the average cup or serving and adding that your dog’s food list.

The highlight for me is being able to track how much distance Scooter and I cover on our cycle rides together. It is way over any of my own ‘guestimates’. I’ve discovered we are easily covering over 15kms on a daily basis. It’s made me realize that for such a high intensity workout I’m feeding Scooter less than his actual requirements and I don’t really want him to lose any more weight.

For me, the SlimDoggy iPhone Dog App has helped me balance Scooter’s energy requirements better. This app really makes you sit up and notice what is going on in your dog’s life and how you can improve it by making a few easy adjustments. It’s definitely a great tool for the pet owner of a dog that needs to shed some weight and enjoy a longer and healthier life. If that’s you and your pooch don’t hesitate, download it now………

Have you trialled the SlimDoggy iPhone Dog App? Would you like to add any other comments?

This post is also part of the Fit Dog Friday Blog hop.