If you follow any of our other Fitdog101 Social Media accounts you may have noticed we’ve ‘Gone Camping’. Scooter is now hanging out and chill in’ beachside with us for a week during the school holidays. But just in case you’ve been wondering what’s been going down these last 2 months whilst we’ve taken a break from our regular blogposts Read On……..

Chickens and the Hunter

Despite introducing Scooter’s favourite type of bird to hunt into our household we still have the same number we started out with a few months ago. Yes, there were a few close calls initially BUT thankfully as time has passed Scooter has become more and more relaxed in their presence. So much so he was found grazing with them on kitchen scraps the other morning!

Daily Bike Rides

These are still happening regularly – after all how else do you keep a 40kg Bull Arab mellow and happy (and non-barking) on a daily basis. I know I haven’t been posting regularly at FitDog Friday with regularity as I did this time last year BUT other commitments have been sucking at my time.

The main commitment lately has been launching our family travels and adventure blog – www.AdventureMumma.com If you haven’t checked it out yet Click HERE to see what the ‘non-fur’ babies have been up to.

Product Reviews

I’ve got a few coming up over the next few months which as a dog owner you’ll have to check out……

1. Digger Dog Nail File: a FUN solution to clipping your dog’s nails for people that have been tearing their hair out previously trying to keep the nails trim. For a sneak preview click HERE.

2. DGG: Remember our recent DGG Dog Jacket review? Well DGG have now sent me a package from their dog grooming range – some beautiful shampoos and conditioners made from natural products. Perfect timing for Scooter’s season of smelly pond plunges that he likes to partake in during our summer months.

3. WEBSITE: I’ve been working furiously behind the scenes on creating a NEW website about Turmeric for Animals. This has come about due to the popularity of my blogpost on feeding turmeric to Scooter to help with his itchy skin (If you haven’t checked it out yet Click HERE: Turmeric Dogs – Why you Should Feed your Dog Turmeric). If you’re keen to learn when this new site officially launches sign up below!!

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Till next time……

SO!! Have you missed us?? What things have we missed in the world of FitDogs?? 

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