Ever slipped into a hiatus (definitition: a pause or break in an activity)? Some of you may have noticed my absence from the FitDog Friday BlogHops (some probably not). Well you’ll be pleased to hear that Gary Jackson, Dog Trainer Extraodinaire has managed to snap me back into action thanks to a brief phone call he made to me just recently……

My first thought was ‘How many Dog Trainers actually make the effort to ring you up months after a visit?’ And this was the second time Gary has rang. His question to me was – “How are things going with Scooter?” It made me realize that although huge amounts of progress had been made walking Scooter on a leash I hadn’t really been working on anything else.

Gary-Jackson-Dog-TrainerSo, of course I hit Gary Jackson up with a quick ‘dog training’ question. It was too good an opportunity to miss. And thanks to him I now have something else to work on with Scooter as we go about our daily walks (Click HERE to read about Gary Jackson’s first visit).

Not only did Gary snap my out of my ‘dog training’ hiatus he has also given me a renewed reason to get Blogging again. I asked Gary if he would be willing to answer any questions YOU (my readers and fellow dog lovers) had for him……… AND Gary Jackson said YES!!


So this is your opportunity to get asking!!! Gary Jackson is happy to answer 4 questions on the following (dog related) subjects – Positive Training, Detection, and Protection. This is your chance to tap into the brain of an accomplished Dog Trainer. Add your questions below and the BEST 4 will be sent to Gary. The answers will be included in a Follow up Blog.

So what are you waiting for? Fire away with your Dog Training Questions!!

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