FNQ-CycloneWith a cyclone about to hit my region I’m busy preparing our home and our household for an emergency. But how many of us pet owners really consider our animals in all of the preparations? What extra precautions should you be taking if there are animals in your household…..

For Pet owners facing a natural disaster here are a few things you need to consider:

Do you have a safe place to house your pets? Bring them inside or place them in a safe secure spot before an emergency hits. It is best to do this early to avoid unnecessary risks and to decrease the possibility of flight.

Do you have adequate food and water for your pet? Remember that you’ll need to have a few days supply of food and water for your pet.

Is your pet easy to identify? Make sure you have your pets name tags and microchip information all up to date to help with identification in case of separation. A current photo of you and your dog will also help identify and prove ownership.

Are you able to transport your animal in an emergency? Your pet can often be harder to move than the ‘human’ members of your family. Leashes, bedding, medication, comfort items, pet carriers and travel experience may all be necessary if you have to go at a moments notice.

Be aware that some evacuation centres may not accept animals. Make sure you have a back up plan if this is the case. In my region (Far North Queensland) Emergency Cyclone Shelters do not allow animals (unless it is an assistance animal) so you need to make arrangements prior. Boarding Kennels require up to date vaccinations so ensure these are all up to date and you have proof.

Act Safe. Remember that your own safety is paramount. People will often risk their own lives during a disaster to save their animals. Hopefully this scenario won’t eventuate just by the simple process of including your pet in your disaster planning.

Click Here for a handy Pet Emergency Plan prepared by the Queensland Government.

What do you do with your pets in an emergency situation? Do you have any tips you would include?

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