dog-in-front-of-YAPSI make every effort on holidays to take my dog Scooter with us. In the past it hasn’t always been this way and we’ve learnt through trial and error what works for us and what doesn’t. On my recent trip however Scooter wasn’t able to tag along. Although we’ve often left him ‘Home Alone’ this wasn’t an option so we finally decided to bite the bullet and book him in for some dog boarding…….

Here’s 5 top reasons why you should consider dog boarding at the Young Animal Protection Society (YAPS) Kennels:dog-at-vets1. Vaccination Booster: Scooter was due to have his annual round of injections so this was added incentive for me to get him to the Vets ASAP. Most Dog Boarding kennels will require vaccinations for dogs that stay at their establishment – this ensures the health and safety of all pets who visit. At YAPS, their first line of work is as a rescue shelter, rehoming abandoned, abused and unwanted animals. These animals are often neglected and of poor health so it is doubly important that they protect the animals that board there on a temporary Daily Walks and Exercise: All boarding dogs at YAPS get their own separate enclosure – no sharing of cages occur unless the dogs are from the same household. Each cage has access to an exercise yard and every dog has a daily jaunt in this yard. Pay a little bit extra and your dog can enjoy some time on a lead outside the establishment as well.

3. Plenty to See and Do: There was no chance of Scooter being bored or restless at this establishment. YAPS during the day is a constant hive of activity. People coming and going, new dogs arriving and some dogs departing, cages and yards being constantly cleaned and maintained – there is so much noise and activity going on here that no dog would ever become bored with their Special Diets are catered for: YAPS does provide all the food whilst your dog boards at their establishment but for those finicky eaters, or dogs on special diets this too can be taken care of. I was pleased to learn that they’re a great believer in the benefits of Turmeric and they’ll happily provide it in your dog’s food if requested. This was great as it was one less thing I had to prepare prior to my weekend They are Animal Lovers: One thing you learn quickly when you arrive at YAPS is that these are people that are trying to make a difference. Most of the workers at this establishment aren’t even getting paid for being here. The way they treat the animals and work as a team is a delight to see and my dog could definitely sense this. He definitely enjoyed all the extra fuss and attention – something he would have only got occasionally if he had stayed home that weekend.

So would I board my dog again? Definitely. Especially if he’s at a loving and caring boarding kennels like YAPS (I also like the fact that my $$$ go back into helping rescue and care for all the other animals)

Have you tried dog boarding yet? Had any similar experiences with your dog? Any dog boarding kennels near you that you would recommend?

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