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Put your hand up if you are a dog owner and have experienced any of the following problems – chewing, digging, barking, pulling on the leash, chasing tyres, aggression, biting, soiling……and I’m sure the list could go on. These are things that can make owning a dog bothersome, and sometimes completely intolerable. Reasons that will stop many from enjoying the opportunity to step out of the gate and take their dog for a walk. And yet Gary Jackson, an Australian based Dog Trainer believes he can solve these issues in just one lesson. I think it’s time we meet some of his recent clients…..

Jess and Samson (10 month old male Rottweiler)

Jess has owned Samson since a young puppy. They have completed puppy school together and regularly attend Dog Obedience Club once a week. Jess wants to keep Samson intact (not neutered) for breeding purposes but has noticed a marked change in his behaviour just recently (he has just turned 10 months). Jess believes that the testosterone has started to kick in – Samson is starting to show real aggression towards two fenced dogs that she regularly passes by on her dog walk. As a dog owner she became worried by Samson’s behaviour and wondered if she would be able to control him in the future.


Image courtesy of Gary Jackson

“We spent 2 hours together and my dog’s focus is back and he is obedient in hand once again,” says a delighted Jess. Gary Jackson visited her house and after Jess had explained the situation, they both took to the streets with Samson. “My dog had amazing respect for Gary,” says Jess, “and Samson was exhausted after the walk.”

“I took Samson for a walk the next day and it was really successful. He didn’t want to pee on everything and anything,” reports Jess enthusiastically. “He was focusing on me again.” For Jess, Gary has given her the tools to be able to control her dog once again and she has already passed Gary’s name onto her mum.

Jan and Ninja (7 month old female Staffy)

Jan bought Ninja into her household when the staffy was just 14 weeks old. Her son (now 3) suffers from regular seizures and the paediatrician recommended a dog to help Jan watch out for those seizures. Ninja is now 7 months and Jan has constantly had to deal with her dog’s destructive behaviour. Ninja has eaten (amongst other things) the sides of a trampoline that sits on their back lawn. Most significant though, Jan has constantly had to deal with biting issues from the dog. Other local dog trainers had been called in to help, and many dollars have been spent but nothing had changed this dog until now.


Image courtesy of Gary Jackson

“Gary was my last resort,” admits Jan. “I’m blown away. I wish I went to him first because she’s a completely different dog. He’s a Superstar and I call him the Dog Whisperer,” Jan adds. “I thought as soon as he’s gone she’ll go back to normal but her urges have gone overnight.” Even Jan’s parents couldn’t believe the changes in Ninja. “My parents even told me it was a different dog,” she laughs.

“Gary told me, don’t get rid of her, she’s a really good dog,” Jan emphasizes. “I knew she deserved a chance.” It was a combination of chain, leash, eye contact and some commands that made the difference for Ninja – all in less than 2 hours. “And I’m following through with the tools he’s given me,” comments Jan “If you’ve got a dog and you need help, then Gary can do it in one lesson.”

Kate and Scooter (6 year old male Bull Arab)

I am yet to meet Gary Jackson. He’s coming to my house this afternoon for a ‘mini’ consultation. Scooter does have an issue that I’m keen to discuss – my dog is starting to show aggression towards other dogs and this has never been the case. After talking to Jess and Jan, two very happy clients, you can imagine that I’m very keen to meet with Gary and share the next story with you.

To be continued……

Have you ever experienced issues with your dog? Do you have a successful dog trainer story that you would like to share?

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