Gary-Jackson-Dog-TrainerWhen you learn about Gary Jackson’s achievements in the Canine world it’s hard to comprehend that he’s interested in helping out the everyday pet owner. “I was shocked to learn that most people cant walk their dogs on a loose leash. I just thought it was normal,” chuckles Gary. If you are one of the many that struggle each time you take your dog out the front gate then a visit from Gary could make all the difference.…..

Dog Trainers come in all sizes and forms. What’s most impressive about Gary Jackson is the number of things he’s achieved through dog training. It’s almost like a list of ‘World Firsts’:

• 1st Mega Fauna Fossil detection Dog

• 1st Bio Archaeology Dog

• 1st Quoll Detection Dog

• 1st and 2nd Koala Detection Dog

• Trained the world’s youngest Narcotic Dog at 11 weeks of age

• 1st Pigmy Blue Tongue Lizard Detection Dog

• 1st Slider Turtle and egg Detection Dog

• 1st Three Cane Toad Detection Dog

• 1st Tobacco Contamination dog for Phillip Morris

• Australia’s 1st operational Cadaver dog and worked with Police for body searches

• Trained Australia’s 1st private Narcotic Detection Dogs

• Trained Australia’s 1st Cancer Detection Dog

And many of Gary’s dog training has been done on a volunteer basis, especially when it comes to environmental causes. “There’s nothing more pleasurable than being told that there are no koalas in an area and sending your dog in and finding that there’s a koala here, and here, and here…..” grins Gary. His Koala Detection dogs have been used to clear areas of bush before a backburn takes place.Gary-Jackson-Dog-TrainerBut can Gary Jackson fix the behavioural problems of a pet dog in just one visit? Gary took my dog Scooter out into our neighbourhood and within minutes had him walking loosely on the lead next to him. This is no mean feat as I prefer to run Scooter on a harness whilst bicycling. In fact, it’s because of Scooter’s pulling that I’ve resorted to biking with my dog daily.

And what’s Gary’s dog training secret? “I teach focus,” Gary says. “I teach the dog there is a wrong choice and a right choice. My dog’s are conditioned on a whisper and they know that all obedience is good.” For Gary it becomes a pleasure game. With a check chain, a 6-foot lead and easy to follow commands, Gary not only had my dog walking beside him, but sitting calmly outside houses with barking dogs.Gary-Jackson-Dog-Trainer“I’ve had 100% success rate so far on this trip,” smiles Gary, after a whirlwind tour of Far North Queensland and Darwin. And after watching him with my dog I have no doubt in my mind that this is the case. I did wonder how I’d go by myself with Scooter though, especially as I didn’t get the full 2-hour training session that other clients experience. I must admit to being a bit muddled with my commands at first, but as my dog-walking sessions progressed through the week my confidence steadily days later and I have had my best day by far. I walked Scooter back and forward past 3 houses that he absolutely hates. The dogs on the other side of the fence have always reacted aggressively and Scooter has learnt to copy their reactions. As Scooter became more and more focused on me rather than the dogs a funny thing happened, he relaxed and so did the dogs on the other side. By the end I had Scooter sitting outside each house without so much of a woof being heard (the owners must love me).

If you’re a dog owner that needs help then you’ll be pleased to know that Gary Jackson is loving his most recent ‘first’ – “I think I’m the 1st Fly In Fly Out Dog Trainer in Australia,” he grins. If he’s visiting your neighbourhood then take the opportunity to book him. Trust me, it will make all the difference for you and your dog.

Do you have issues with your dog? Would you be keen to employ the services of Gary Jackson?

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