cool_dog_tricksWe’ve always had a joke in our house that Scooter (my dog) is ‘not quite Lassie’. It always seems that my dog is the slowest learner when it comes to dog training and cool dog tricks. Not that we’ve attempted many. Because of his slightly goofy personality I must admit to concentrating on keeping him physically challenged rather than mentally challenged. But as I’ve learnt more about my dog things are starting to change……

I should give Scooter more credit on the intelligence side of things. Cycling with a dog requires some skill by both dog and cyclist alike and so far he’s proved a great workout partner. But when it comes to teaching Scooter a cool dog trick it does seem that he wants to use brute force to solve the problem rather than mental aptitude. This is where our household saying ‘he’s not quite Lassie’ has come from.

But dog blogging and the occasional injury setback has made me realize the importance of having a few cool dog tricks to work with in order to keep my dog mentally challenged as well. The more dog training I do with Scooter, the stronger our bond becomes and the more he listens to me when I need his attention. Giving him a set of tasks to do when a dog walks past acting aggressively helps bring his focus back to me and seems to relieve Scooter of the need to retaliate or protect me. So with that in mind I’ve decided this week to embark on teaching Scooter some cool dog tricks.cool_dog_tricks_booksI’ve picked up 2 books that will help me with some dog training games, both by Kyra Sundance, 101 Ways to Do More with your Dog and 10-Minute Dog Training Games. Both books offer quick and creative activities for the busy dog owner. I’ve found these books to be visually appealing and full of bright solutions for getting you and your dog moving and having fun together.

In the book 101 Ways to Do More with your Dog, Sundance concentrates on the different types of sports and exercises you can do with your dog to inspire you to challenge yourself and your dog. From the obvious activities like agility and fetch, to the not so obvious such as painting dogs and flying dogs, there is a long list that will get you keen to do more than just walk your dog. Each activity has an explanation, what gear you need and suggestions on how to get started, PLUS there are lots of beautiful photos. Sundance also suggests what breeds are most suited to the activities.cool_dog_tricksIn the 10-Minute Dog Training Games Sundance offers step-by-step photos on how to get your dog to try the game. There’s also tips, equipment that’s required (if any) plus suggestions on how you can build and develop on the game and keep it interesting for you and your dog. With my knowledge of Scooter I’m going to start off easy. The 3 Cool Dog Tricks I would like to conquer are ‘Balance & Catch’, ‘Touch My Hand’ and ‘Roll Over’. I’m sure there will be a story in just those three! I’ll keep you posted……..

What Cool Dog Tricks can your dog do? Is there anything you’d love to try with your dog?

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