Instagram is one of my favourite places to find inspirational photos on subjects I LOVE – particularly Dogs on Instagram. Obviously we have an Instagram Account (@Fitdog101) and we actively take photos and share them on our IG account. Recently we ran a competition for Senior Fitdogs and the response was great……

Did you tag your Instagram photo with #seniorfitdog? We were looking for active dogs over the age of 7 years and I was keen to see what kind of activities the dogs were up to. Here are our winners that received a BIG shoutout on our IG account last week.



Lily: @barkingmadgcThis senior fitdog gets a regular workout on the Sunny Gold Coast of Australia and also works as a service dog for mental health. Follow their pursuits via Instagram OR you can tap into their Twitter account @PawsitiveVibesGC



Zephyr: @siganzephyrandjessFollow this account for some Whippet love. Zephyr is a senior fitdog that loves his puppy mate Jess – who certainly keeps him young. You’ll find great action shots of very, very active dogs.


Clockwise from Top left – @4pack_of_Opitties @adventuresofadogmom @northqldanimalrescue @nalu_bear

@4pack_of_0pitties – Great pics following the lives of 4 rescued pitbulls in the US. Their beautiful Tripawed girl made it in the senior fitdog category.

@adventuresofadogmom – Assorted pics of dogs, food and an outdoorsy type of lifestyle. Check out their blog too – Adventures of a Dog Mom. Dottie made it as a senior fitdog showing off on the agility course – who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks J.

@northqldanimalrescue – An account that displays a whole lotta beautiful animals in need of a home in Far North Queensland, Australia. Zeuss, the 12 year old senior fitdog was featured during a touching moment with his Foster Dad – proof that senior dogs need loving homes just as much.

@nalu_bearFollow this tribe of cattledogs living a BIG life in Santa Cruz. Uncle Pe’ahi made the cut just for doing something any senior fitdog loves to do – warming those old bones in the sun’s rays. They’ve got a great website called HugaHeeler that’s non-profit and helps raise money to assist homeless dogs – in particular the Australian Cattle Dog.

And finally, we have some Special Mentions for some other senior fitdogs that entered our competition.


Clockwise from Top left – @myslimdoggy @2browndawgs @damienbestdogtoys @yojojo11s

@myslimdoggy – The most all-round active dogs I know – Awesome labs that live a BIG life and a FIT life with their human buddies.

@2BrownDawgs– Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and their escapades – Always fun to check out what they’ve been up to.

@DamiensBestDogToys – A new account that would love some more followers – Inspired by the competition, Mark made sure he got a shot of Ava the senior fitdog with her new favourite toy. Well Done :)

@yojojo11s - Top Breeders of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and avid hunters. These dogs are working dogs and love being outdoors and keeping active.

And thanks so much if you participated and didn’t make the list – it’s always a bit hard to include everyone BUT don’t give up.

I want to see (and SHARE) more awesome pics of Dogs on Instagram living active, fun lifestyles! Use the HashTag #FitDog101 and from now on I’ll regularly feature a lucky dog on my Fitdog101 Instagram Account  – This time it might be you that gets a BIG SHOUTOUT…….

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Do you have a favourite #seniorfitdog? Are you already a fan/follower of any of the above Dogs on Instagram Accounts?

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