Living in the tropics of Far North Queensland Australia with a dog has meant that purchasing dog jackets for warmth has never been a priority for us. So when the opportunity arose to Road Test the Doggone Gorgeous range of Dog Jackets I needed to find someone who might find them useful. YAPS, an animal shelter based in Cairns, often needs to provide extra care for dogs that arrive in poor health, and it turned out to be the perfect place for a DGG Extreme Road Test…..


Arriving often on YAPS doorstep are dogs that are malnourished, sick, suffering hair loss, require surgery or just extremely young puppies. These are dogs that often need the extra warmth and comfort that a Doggone Gorgeous Dog Jacket can offer – plus there’s the added bonus of looking savvy and smart and more adoptable to the public. Dog jackets can make a world of difference to these dogs.

So how did the Doggone Gorgeous Dog Jackets fare with an Extreme Roadtest? YAPS volunteer Rachel selected a handful of adoptable dogs to help put these fashionable dog jackets to the test…


Doris tries on the DGG warmie

Doris, a Coolie crossbreed, who was surrendered to YAPS as a young puppy along with her brothers and sisters, was not overly impressed to start with. When the dog jacket first slipped over Doris’ head her ears went back and her eyes grew large with uncertainty. But within seconds of the jacket being pulled into place Doris was off and playing. It’s rare that YAPS holds onto puppies for too long but in the case of Doris and her brother Domino they are still looking for loving homes that will take on their energy and puppy-like spirit.


Tucker and his DGG warmie

Tucker, a German Shepherd crossbreed, who was rescued as a lone puppy from the Cairns Dog Pound, decided to put up a small fight as the dog jacket went over his nose. Gnawing with his puppy teeth and wiggling his paws in protest, it was short-lived and he was soon romping around with the others looking extra smart and tough with ‘Security’ blazoned across his back. Tucker has spent a couple of weeks at YAPS but I’m sure it won’t be long until someone snaps him up.


Coco and a DGG warmie

Coco, a Blue Heeler cross Staffy, who was surrendered to YAPS by her owners, was perhaps the most nervous about anything new or near her body. She’s a sweet little girl but hasn’t really been socialized so she was a be a bit shy at first. It only took seconds for Rachael to deftly slip the jacket over Coco’s head and pull each leg through the smaller holes. Once the Doggone Gorgeous jacket was on, Coco was happy to sit and receive more chin scratches as compensation. Coco is a dog that would definitely benefit from the opportunity to meet new people and dogs and find out what life is all about.


Keith styling the DGG wrapper

Keith, a German Shepherd cross, who was saved from the Dog Pound was definitely the most self-assured when the dog jacket was wrapped around his body. Without missing a beat he quickly sat down ready for a treat and cocked one ear up as if to say ‘what are you waiting for’. Keith is a quick and smart dog with a load of personality and had heaps of ‘swag’ when he wore the Doggone Gorgeous Dog Jacket. He definitely managed to charm the socks of me during our short time together.

Here is what I learnt from the Extreme Road Test of Doggone Gorgeous Dog Jackets as trialled by the shelter dogs of YAPS:

  1. These dog jackets are extremely easy to put on. They don’t come with instructions and even a child can do it.
  2. Dogs don’t fuss at all once the jackets are on.
  3. The dog jackets allow for plenty of freedom of movement and are super soft.
  4. The Doggone Gorgeous Dog Jackets are extremely stylish and suit any fur or hair type.
  5. Even if it’s not a perfect fit (as in Coco’s case) the dog jackets sit well and are comfortable for the dog.
  6. The DGG wrappers are a little easier to put on and can be adjusted because of its velcro straps.
  7. The dog jackets will be much loved by the dogs of YAPS and will come in handy when they need to be kept extra snug and warm.


    YAPS are very grateful for the DGG dog jackets

As an Extra Bonus 2 lucky dogs can now WIN a Doggone Gorgeous tartan wrap Dog jacket. Entries are via the Rafflecopter Widget below and restricted to Australian Residents only.

If you are keen to learn more about the YAPS dogs that are available now for adoption please click HERE.

Or come along to the OPEN DAY happening in Cairns, TNQ Sunday 3rd August. Details Below.


Don’t forget to check out the Doggone Gorgeous website and their great range of products – also you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram. A portion of DGG sales go back to support the RSPCA.

Have you tried a dog jacket on your dog? Do you think your dog would love to be kept snug and warm in a Doggone Gorgeous Dog Jacket?
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