dog-runs-with-backpackAre you a fan of dog harnesses? I am! I find them particularly useful as I like to run my dog next to my bike. A good dog harness is worth its weight in gold. On a daily basis I use the EzyDog QuickFit Harness when I bike with my dog Scooter. So you can imagine my excitement when EzyDog asked if Scooter and I would like to test their new EzyDog Convert Harness complete with saddlebags……..

The first thing that always strikes me with EzyDog is how easy their products are to fit on your pet. When the EzyDog Convert Harness arrived it took no time at all to put it on Scooter and adjust the harness to make it fit nicely. The straps are wide and fitted with plenty of Velcro or big, chunky clips to help with adjustment.

On the top is a handle – great for giving you some extra control over your dog – good for traffic, around other dogs or perhaps an easy grab point to lift your dog from one place to another. There is also a large stainless D-ring to hook your lead onto. Although the attachment ring is rust-proof I’ve already found the black powder coating to be rubbing off on my harness. I think this is mainly due to the extra wear and tear of the lead’s hook rubbing when we tried this harness out with the bike.

Despite being a lot of material at the top of the Harness (it looks like a saddle when you compare it to the EzyDog QuickFit Harness) it is a soft and breathable fabric so it fits snugly and doesn’t get too hot for the dog. On both sides are removable labels – mine says ‘EzyDog’ but you are able to order other sidepatch labels such as ‘Diva’, ‘Security’, ‘Terminator’, ‘Lover Boy’ and so on….. Actually the choices are hilarious and worth checking out for yourself. I would love to be able to order a custom label (FitDog) but this is unavailable at the moment. The best choice for us would have to be ‘Turbo’ at present.

EzyDog-convert-harness-and-saddlebagsFor night-time use, the EzyDog harness has reflective piping at the front and back and it also has a small clip on one side for attaching a safety-light to (which you can also order from EzyDog). But the real beauty of this harness lies in the fact you can convert it into a dog backpack. Whip off the labels on each side, grab the saddlebags (fitted with handles in case you need to carry them later) and using the Velcro and straps, fit the bags onto each side of the harness and Ta-Da, you now have a dog backpack to go.

The saddlebags are very roomy and can easily fit 2x600ml water bottles in their main compartment. At the front there’s an additional compartment with pockets to slot other items in – Poo Bags, mobiles, wallets, etc, etc – this pocket is expandable and held closed with a clip for added safety. The side-labels can also be re-attached to the saddlebag’s sides. All together this is a smart looking harness and backpack system and I’m sure my dog gets more ‘swagger’ when he’s wearing it (plus we get a lot more comments from other dog-owners too).

I had hoped that I could give Scooter an extra work-out by weighting the backpack and using the EzyDog Convert Harness whilst he was running beside the bike. Unfortunately I find the harness gets pulled over to one side and the saddlebags sometimes get in the way of my biking movements. My first preference is still the EzyDog QuickFit Harness when I bike with my dog (the attachment ring at the top slides and doesn’t pull the harness out of whack).

What I have found is the EzyDog Convert Harness and Saddlebags are perfect for the short walks we do around the neighbourhood. Now I can wear Scooter out quicker by weighting the saddlebags (up to 20% of his body weight) giving him a more intense work-out even at a walking pace. In my early years with Scooter he used to walk beside the kid’s pram – this is a perfect harness for any busy mum with kids and a dog to walk. Imagine how much more gear you could carry with you if your dog was laden up as well!

dog-tired-with-backpackSo for me the EzyDog Convert Harness is great for when my dog and I aren’t biking together. It’s smart, easy to fit, easy to fill up with your ‘walking’ gear and burns my dog’s energy quicker than a normal walk does. When Scooter returns from these ‘walks’ he’s actually tired for a change!

Do you like to use a dog harness? What would be your choice of label for your dog?

[Author’s Note: I was provided the EzyDog Convert Harness and Saddlebags from EzyDog FOC in order to trial and review.]

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