EzyDog-harnessIt took Scooter (my dog) and I some time to find the right way to get out and enjoy the outdoors together. When we did discover what worked for us we needed some great dog gear to make it easy and fun. When you’re working as hard as Scooter and I are together you want dog gear that you can totally rely on – that’s why ‘we’ chose EzyDog……..

Scooter is a breed (Australian crossbreed called Bull Arab) that is suited for long runs, tracking and pulling down large beasts. Fortunately this is combined with a genial and gentle temperament for life within a family, but intelligence and agility have never been Scooter’s strong points (Scooby Doo could easily be his nickname).

When I first explored using a dog harness on Scooter I bought home many different types of contraptions with a large variety of clips and attachments. Fitting Scooter with a dog harness was a pain in the backside. Making him pick up his paws, moving his head and body into the contraption, adjusting the gear on him – much of it I found annoying and time consuming – especially when we were both keen to get out the gate and on the road.

EzyDog-harnessThe pleasure of using the EzyDog Quick Fit Harness is just that – it takes all of 2 steps. 1. Put head through hole. 2. Clip under body. Done and Go!! I need to simplify things as much as possible with a dog the size and mentality of my dog Scooter.

Another factor for us has always been comfort and durability. Scooter’s skin is extra sensitive. He is particularly prone to rashes around his undercarriage and rubbing can cause more irritation. Many of the harnesses I looked at used a webbing material that is rough and sat close to the active parts of the dog’s body. Not good for my dog. The pleasure of using an EzyDog harness is that much of the webbing is wrapped in a soft neoprene material that doesn’t irritate my dog’s skin.

An EzyDog harness is also tough. Tough enough to take the punishment of muddy tracks, constant daily use and regular plunges into waterholes, creeks and the sea. Durability is the key for us and our first EzyDog harness took over 2 years of punishment before I upgraded to the new one. To be honest the old one still works perfectly well, it was just looking a bit shabby in the photos I post on a regular basis.

EzyDog-harness-and-leashAnd then there’s the dog gear I hold onto. There are 2 types of EzyDog leads that I use on a regular basis. First is something to wander over to the park or venture outdoors with – strong enough to hold Scooter with and yet soft enough not to hurt my hands. It also has a little bit of ‘give’ in it if Scooter does get a ‘pull on’ (yes, training was never a strong point of ours). The Zero Shock leash has proved great for this type of workout.

My other leash is used to control Scooter when he’s attached to the bike. The EzyDog Mutley leash has a similar shock absorbing ability, helpful when Scooter pulls the bike and I along. For cycling I like the sturdiness of this leash, it’s clip and the extra ring for attachment purposes.

Ultimately the EzyDog harness is tough, easy to fit, soft, durable and comfy enough for my dog to wear at all times. It’s practical and it looks good on my dog. Plus it works well when my dog and I are in full flight during our cycle-dog sessions together.

What’s the best gear for your dog? Have you tried an EzyDog harness?

This post is also part of the Fit Dog Friday Blog hop.