workout-with-dog-cycle-actionEver have one of those mornings? When you start to question the path you took? I definitely had a major one this week! And do you know what kept me sane and not getting too caught up in the despondency of it all? My Dog! I know the proper answer should have been my partner, or my kids, a dear friend perhaps but nope, it was none of these that helped me, it was seriously my dog that rescued me……..

Pathetic really. I’ve got a supportive partner of 15+ years, 2 beautiful healthy kids and a wonderful life but at the start of the week I was really questioning what path I had embarked on. My partner and I had taken a weekend away – a break from the kids (thank you Nanna) -and stayed with some good friends nearby, who are still very much living life on a whim. And I started to wonder how I had got stuck in some sort of rut – day in day out, school, homework, assignments, extracurricular activities, work commitments. And despite the fact that we still get ‘out and about’ all the time as a family I started to wonder at how non-carefree and routine-driven our life was. I suddenly realised how serious my life had become.

Monday morning and I’m right back in the thick of things. Both children (under 10) have woken up with a severe ‘grump’ on – don’t want to go to school; missed out playing with their mates on the weekend (had a fantastic time at nanna’s house though!); got major stomach aches etc etc…. It’s like a severe storm of doom and gloom has hit and I’m watching my weekend of positive vibes peel away as if paint stripper has been applied.

workout-with-dog-cane-fieldsAnd then in comes my dog. He tries to squeeze between my boy and I during a major melt down. Tongue out and tail wagging, he makes my boy and I giggle as we both wrestle him away from us. And did I mention that I’m still coming off a major high after my workout with dog, an early morning cycle ride together. It was a good 20-minute burnout for both of us and I’m still feeling that burn as the kids are going off around me.

I seriously believe these two things are what kept me together that morning – all those positive vibes spilling over from my sunrise workout with dog and the attitude my dog showed us when it was clear that things were starting to fall apart…….

cycle-dog-and-cane-fields-and-cane-cuttingSo should you have a dog in your household? I believe so…..

• A dog helps lighten the atmosphere when everybody else is feeling down.

• A dog is a great workout buddy because if you’re a busy mum you have 1000 reasons why you can’t sacrifice 20-minutes of your day to exercise. Having a dog means exercise becomes a ‘must do’.

• A dog is an excuse to get away from the pressures of your household and take some time out from your responsibilities.

Dogs don’t answer back and grizzle at you like the rest of your non-fur babies can do.

• A dog’s peacefulness is like therapy to the soul.

Does your dog help your sanity? Anything else you can add to this list?

This post is also part of the Fit Dog Friday Blog hop.