Image by Cairns Sun

Are you a dog lover living in Cairns? Or perhaps you’re interested in meeting some seniors in your local community? Maybe it’s just a desire to become more active and commit yourself to weekly exercise. A newly formed group called Animal Care for Seniors at Home (ACSAH) are on the recruitment drive and are looking for volunteers…..

Caring for pets of aged people can create a whole heap of benefits for the community at large. Pets for Life is a successful community group that has been running for a few years on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Recently their coordinator Thomas Passeggi travelled to Cairns to share his experiences with interested people in the local community.

Inspired by Pets for Life’s positive results, a new group ACSAH was quickly formed. St John’s Community Care is also working in association with the newly formed working group to help with training. ACSAH is now eagerly sourcing volunteers from the local Cairns community to help seniors care for their pets. If you have a special interest in animals and think you would be able to donate some time in your week to helping out please email and request a Volunteer Form.

At present ACSAH is very keen to recruit volunteer dog walkers to their program. The amount of time spent each week assisting will be totally up to each volunteer. If you’re interested, or know someone else who may be able to help out, please pass this information onto them. All volunteers will receive support and training from ACSAH.

senior-and-dogACSAH is also interested in putting together a list of Seniors who may be struggling to provide proper care (either due to health or financial reasons) for their pets at home (email and request an Assistance Form). Their goal is to achieve healthier, happier pets and support ageing residents who seek to remain in their homes with their beloved animals as long as possible.

Have you got a similar group in your community? Have you exercised an elderly person’s dog to help out in your neighbourhood?

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