dog-at-lakeOver the last year I’ve become more confident about taking my dog, Scooter, on our family holidays. Our first attempts weren’t overly successful but as time’s progressed I’ve become a bit more savvy at spotting great holiday destinations for us and our dog. So here’s 5 reasons why Tinaroo Dam at Lake Tinaroo on the Cairns Tablelands is a great place for a holiday with your dog…….

At Tinaroo Dam on Lake Tinaroo there is:Lake-Tinaroo-Holiday-Park1. Plenty of Pet Friendly Accommodation. We stayed at the Lake Tinaroo Holiday Park which offers a great variety of accommodation to suit all types. The Deluxe Waterfront Villa was our choice this time (during the wet season you just never know) and although our dog, Scooter, had to stay outside on the balcony, he still got to enjoy ‘water views’. Note, you are not restricted to the Caravan Park either, around the township of Tinaroo Dam there are plenty of Holiday rentals available and many of those are dog friendly too.

2. No Discrimination against the size or the breed of your dog. I’ve heard (on the dog owner grapevine) that at some Caravan Parks around Australia there can be strict policies on the size and breed of dogs that are allowed to stay. At the Lake Tinaroo Holiday Park they were happy to embrace all varieties of canine. Obviously, there are a few basic rules to adhere by but nothing out of the ordinary for us dog Tinaroo Dam is a dog-friendly environment. Not all of Lake Tinaroo is canine friendly. It’s a huge dam and provides much needed irrigation to the farmers on the Cairns Tablelands. There are plenty of National Parks that border this big body of water and in these sections dogs aren’t welcome. The lake frontage at the township however provides a huge area for all types of recreational use – families, dog walkers, exercise fanatics, skateboarders, etc etc. – you can find them all hanging out here enjoying the scenery and the water. For dog owners there’s Poop stations with Poop bags and bins for Poop deposits, along with a great walking path along the edge of the lake plus plenty of taps where you can rehydrate your dog.

4. Water at your Doorstep. Wherever you stay at Tinaroo Dam you are only a hop, skip and jump to the water’s edge. There are no great banks or edges to struggle down to gain access to the lake – it’s a gentle slope to the water’s edge and this provides a great opportunity for you and your dog to get wet and have some Dog’s Galore. One thing you’ll learn about the Far North is that us locals love our dogs. A lot of people that come up to play on the Lake enjoy bringing their ‘whole’ family, and that of course includes the dog. The good news is, if you don’t have enough energy to play with your dog there’s bound to be another dog nearby for your dog to romp with.

Have you visited the Cairns Tablelands? Do you have any other tips for dog owners that may visit this region? What’s your favourite place for holidays with dogs?

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