Holidays-with-dogs-dog-bike-outbackLast time I wrote about holidays with dogs I vowed I would never take my dog another time (6 reasons why I don’t take my Dog Camping) BUT the school holidays have rolled around again (ie. time heals) and in between I’ve had a chance to read a good book called Lets Go Fido II and I’m thinking I might be OK to risk it all again……… Why?

Lets Go Fido II by Mary Oquendo is one of the reasons I’ve been convinced to try a holiday with my dog again. The book is a follow on from her original paperback book (Lets Go Fido) and only available in Ebook form. Lets Go Fido II is small and resourceful and at less than the cost of a coffee, it’s very reasonably priced. It may be written for an American audience but I was surprised to find how helpful it was to prepare me once again for a holiday with my dog.

In the opening pages Oquendo hits the nail on the head for me.

“Vacations should be relaxing but travelling with a pet can spoil the fun if you haven’t planned well”

This was definitely my experience last time around. Stress about the lack of room for my dog whilst travelling, stress about losing him when we were at our holiday destination (too many kangaroos hopping past for my liking), stress about exercising him comfortably and stress about how big he was compared with all the other dog breeds at the campsite. Ultimately, it was stress, stress, stress and not a lot of down time for either of us.

With Oquendo’s book (and thanks to my prior experience) I know what I’m up for from the start. This time I’m making sure we have plenty of room. A 2-car journey will make it easier to ‘squeeze’ my large dog in with a week’s worth of camping items. Our campsite will be on the beach so it’s a far easier place to exercise my dog without any major concerns of him ‘running’ off and disappearing forever into the Outback. Plus I know from camping at my new destination there are less wild animals ‘hopping’ past. All this will hopefully help it be a more relaxing experience for me and my dog.

Holidays-with-dogs-pet-shop-visitOquendo’s book has made me update Scooter’s collar tag so he is easily identifiable and I’m also easier to track down if he goes walkabout. It’s also made me pack in a few doggy First Aid items, research where the nearest Veterinary Clinic is located and take a recent journey to our nearest Pet Store to stock up on food, treats, toys and a decent tie-down to secure him when he’s at rest. As you’ve probably guessed I’m a lot more confident and prepared this time around taking a holiday with my dog.

And let’s face it – holidays with dogs aren’t always as easy as we envisage – Lets Go Fido II is a handy and inexpensive resource that covers all bases when you are considering taking a break with (or without) your dog. You can search around the web for all this information but if you’re looking for a one stop spot where all your questions will be covered (with some great additional links) then this little book is a bonanza. It’s got me packing up the gear and including my dog on the journey again……

How about your holiday with dogs experiences? Do you take your dog with you or do they stay home?

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