riding bike with dogA year ago I was surprised to learn that Scooter my dog could afford to lose some weight. We were regularly exercising using the bike and Scooter was well toned and muscular, and yet the Vet mentioned that his waist could be trimmer. My dog was also suffering from a nasty skin complaint that made him scratch and rub his belly red raw during the summer months. I knew that this was the sign to embark on some Inner Health for my dog……..

If you own a large breed of dog (40kg+) you will invariably get people commenting on how much your dog must eat. My reply has always been – “just a couple of cups of biscuits a day.” Of course there are other things that I include in my dog’s diet – raw bones, treats (to keep him focused) and a handful of meat and vegetable leftovers from our kitchen table. Initially though, to start his weight loss, I dropped Scooter down from 3-4 cups of biscuits to 2-3 cups in his dog bowl each night. Everything else I kept the same.

natural dog biscuitsWith the majority of Scooter’s feed being dried biscuit based I decided to research this further. The biscuits I had been using were mainly grain and wheat based, not great apparently for a dog with sensitive skin. I swapped over to a wheat/gluten free product that was high in Omega 3’s, Fish-based and had extra probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes etc etc. I’ve now been on this biscuit for over a year and am extremely happy with the improvements with his skin. I’ve since learnt that this particular company is now offering a new product that is completely grain free (no rice) and although I don’t like chopping and changing my dog’s base diet I’m tempted to try this next.

turmeric and dog biscuitsThe other thing that has greatly helped has been a teaspoon of Turmeric (a vibrant yellow powder used liberally in Indian curries) in my dog’s dinner bowl each day. The Equine community in Queensland experiences all sorts of hassles with horses skin conditions during the summer months. A Facebook community called the Turmeric User Group has been formed and regularly chats and compares notes on the uses of this spice within animal diets. It’s predominately horse orientated but it does discuss the benefits of including turmeric in your dog’s diet and it does seem to have made a vast improvement on my dog’s skin during our recent tropical summer.

I can’t say the positive results of Scooter’s change of diet happened overnight but it certainly became apparent over the following weeks and months. Once again you could notice his ribs and gradually the inflamed areas around his stomach and neck area calmed down. Scooter now weighs a healthy 39.5kgs, has stopped constantly rubbing his tummy on our lawn and happily jogs alongside my bike for a minimum of 20-minutes a day. Looking at my dog I’d say he’s in peak condition and I’m happy to say that I was forced to sit up and take notice of his diet.

Do you think your dog is trim and healthy? Are there improvements you could make in their diet too?

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