fun-with-dog-on-instagramHave you taken the plunge yet and set up an Instagram account? For a dog owner it’s full of inspirational ways to enjoy the dog in your life. It’s also a great way to capture the fun times you have with your pooch and share them with other dog lovers. Here’s 5 tips to make the Instagram journey easier……

1. If you’re opening an Instagram account mainly to share photos of your dog give it a ‘doggy’ name. Accounts that capture my attention often incorporate the dog’s name or hint at what adventures they get up to. If you have a Dog Blog try and use this as your account name – it will draw people’s attention to the fact you also write about your love of dogs. An Instagram feed on your home page also showcases what you get up to with your pooch.

Instagram account names that capture my imagination and stand out for me are:

Iverthecattledog; run_love_dog, dogumantry, 4pawsandaredhead, happydogmommy, bugthepuggle, hugaheeler, twopinktoes……..

Have fun with your name – what makes you and your dog stand out from the crowd. What defines you?

2. Add some photos. Daily shots rock! It will be added incentive to get out more with your dog and try new things. If you do post regularly enough you will gain more followers. Also, the more photos you take the better you will understand your camera settings and what works best. My shots have greatly improved over the 4 months I’ve had my dog on Instagram.

dog-on-instagram3. Be creative with your shots. Don’t just take all your pictures in the same spot everyday of your dog doing the same thing. Get outdoors and get active. Look at other Instagram accounts for some ideas (see my first article on ‘Is your Dog on Instagram‘). Outside the light is better and the action is far more entertaining. I see too many dogs on Instagram that appear to spend most of their life on their owners floor (or couch)……don’t be that person.

4. Add a quick story/explanation and some hashtags (#) to your photos. This will help you gain some likes and followers that enjoy the same things you do. When you do receive feedback make sure you engage with your audience – Comment/Reply/Follow Back – similar to any Social Media account. If you’re active it will make a difference to your fellow Instagrammers and they will show their appreciation – it’s a very supportive community.

filter-dog-on-insatgram5. Play around with the filters Instagram offers. The Instagram filters are what helps a photo go the next level. Use the crop and contrast button, and play with the filters (don’t overdo the frames though) and don’t be afraid to experiment a little. If you’re scared that you’ll share a photo before you’ve finished adjusting, or you’d like to compare your shots first, put your phone on standby (go to settings and flick over to Airplane Mode). It’s easy to share your photo later when you’ve finished tweaking the image.

I hope these tips help you and your dog start on your Instagram journey. In my next blog I’ll look into how to get the most out of your ‘doggy’ shots using light, angles and filters.

Have you set up an Instagram account yet? What tips would you add for getting your dog on Instagram?

This post is also part of the Fit Dog Friday Blog hop.




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