statigram-my-dog-on-instagramDo you want to add a bit more fun and glamour to your outings with your dog? Do you see great things on your dog walks that you would like to share with others? Are you keen to be inspired to try and do new things? If all this ticks your boxes it might be time for you to delve into the World of Instagram and its cool photo-sharing abilities…….

As a professional photographer it has taken me years to embrace Instagram. Some of the reasons I had avoided it were:

1. No smart Phone

2. Copyright Issues

3. I thought it would add to my workload

Well guess what? As soon as I had an iPhone and got clicking I realized there was a whole new art to taking photos that I could embrace. And most importantly, I could start having fun all over again.

For a dog owner Instagram is a fantastic network. Looking to capture some of the fun things you and your pup get up to? On Instagram you’ll find thousands of like-minded pet owners that enjoy spending time with their animals and want to share the love. Not completely convinced yet? Hop on to Statigram (a website that allows you to access Instagram from your computer) and hashtag (#) your favourite dog subject – #agility #cattledogs #underwaterdogs #muttbreeds #labradors #paws etc. Here you’ll find galleries of pets doing an amazing array of things.

Once you’ve downloaded the Instagram app to your phone and set up an account you can access lots of fun galleries of other dog owners and feel the inspiration. Take your dog off to the beach or on a hike, have a play and a tug-of-war competition in the backyard or just set up a doggy play date. Anyone of these situations will give you plenty of opportunity to play around with your phone and capture some unique shots of your pup. There’s also a whole list of photo competitions to get involved in which are fun and will give you even more incentive to get outdoors with your dog.

dog-on-instagramFor inspiration on capturing some doggy action I suggest you start by checking out these accounts:

@andrewknapp (#findmomo)

@zachdriftwood (#petheadz)

@thiswildidea (Maddie on things)

@sethcasteel (underwater dogs)







In my next blog I’ll look at 5 Tips to get you started on Instagram – how to best capture the fun things you do with your dog and how to use Instagram filters for better impact.

Do you have fun with your dog on Instagram? What inspires you to take photos of your dogs?

This post is also part of the Fit Dog Friday Blog hop.

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