dog-bike-and-owner-selfieHow are those New Year Resolutions going? Hopefully all your good intentions for a slimmer and healthier you aren’t falling by the wayside. A month has almost passed and if you’re not seeing the changes you want to see maybe its time to take stock. If you’re struggling, check out these 3 suggestions to help you get back on track…..

1. Find a Workout Buddy – And for all us dog owners that’s easy! We have a ready-made workout buddy in the form of our canine friend. Your dog should be getting 20-30 minutes of active exercise a day. Your furry buddy’s eagerness to head out the gate should be your trigger to get moving. If it’s not enough motivation then consider teaming up with other Dog Walkers and making a regular date of it. It’s much harder to make excuses when someone is relying on you.

2. Become Accountable – Embrace modern technology and start monitoring your daily activity. I’ve started wearing a FitBit Flex (a wireless activity wristband) and each day I get updates on how many steps I’ve taken, how much sleep I’ve had, a summary of my active minutes and I can even log all my calorie and water intake. It’s a great motivator to move a little more and eat a little healthier on a regular basis.FitBit-Flex-MonitorIf you’re not keen to monitor yourself then monitor your dog. There’s a great range of activity trackers coming soon for pets – Now on the market is Heyrex,  OR try PetbitFitBark, and Whistle which are all very close to being released. If you’d prefer to manually record your pets activity then download the SlimDoggy App (Click Here for my review) and log onto Here you can join a pack of dog owners that are recording their dog’s achievements. Become a regular visitor and you’ll get daily stats, a weekly summary and also see how your dog’s activity (and ultimately your activity) stacks up against the rest. dog-bike-shadow-in-park3. Set a Goal – Aim for something tangible in the future to help motivate yourself now. I’m keen to compete in an epic mountainbike race that starts in the mountains of FNQ and ends on the beach. It means that I’ve added some extra mileage to my daily cycle runs with my dog Scooter, and I’ve also included a few hill climbs. If you’re looking for a goal then checkout the Pooch to 5km website – sign up and your regular runs (or walks) with your canine can help map your way across Australia. Or how about entering an Endurance Trial that many Canine Agility Clubs offer? Check out our friends Bodhi and his mum at 1st World Dog for more insight into this. And if you’re really keen you could set off with your dog and hit the road like Brendon Alsop did and clock up a cool 4000kms under your belt (this one is not for the faint hearted). So don’t give in just yet. It’s still possible to achieve a slimmer and healthier you this year. If you’ve got a dog you’re already one of the lucky ones – as a pet owner your animal helps you achieve a healthier lifestyle, often without you realising.

How are your resolutions going? Are you making (and seeing) a difference already? Do you have any other suggestions to add to this list?

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