dog-running-in-fieldGot some New Year resolutions? Working on your list always makes you feel great initially BUT it doesn’t take long before good intentions get lost under a pile of excuses. If exercise is part of your resolutions this year then try tackling it with your dog. Your furry mate might turn out to be your perfect workout buddy yet…..

Don’t tell me you’ve already got a list of excuses why you can’t exercise with a furry workout buddy? Read on for some solutions….

1. Bike with your Dog – “Looks fun But I’m not sure if its right for me and my dog.” Then you need to check out How to Bike with Dog – Part 1 and Part 2 for some great tips on how to get started OR check out 5 Ways to Bike with a Dog for some alternatives.


2. Join a group – “I don’t have anyone in my area that’s interested in this.” Hop Online then! At you can find lots of fun ideas to help move you and your pup more – there’s a diary to record and monitor your dog’s daily activity and prizes to help keep you motivated and inspire you along the way (and don’t forget to mention PawsandPedals blog sent you).

3. Canine Running – “ I love running but I wish there was something happening on a regular basis to keep me motivated.” Well the good news is there are lots of dog-friendly events happening world-wide. Check out Canine Running at ParkRun to get you started.

4. Get Wet – “I like the water but I want to do something that ‘works’ me out as well as my dog.” – Then give Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding a go – it’s the latest craze and even more fun when you take your dog along with Read a Book – “I’m still looking for a fun activity that will suit my dog and I”. Sounds like you need to do some research. Peggy Frezon has a great book called The Dieting with my Dog Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance that can help you on your journey -– Check out our book review here.

6. Find the time – “Its hard to find that extra 20 minutes amongst work, family, home-life….” Easy, get up 20 minutes earlier each day- check out Best time of the Day for some inspiration.

7. No Dog? – “But I don’t even have a dog!” No longer an excuse I’m afraid – Check out 5 Ways to Walk a Dog – When you don’t even own one. Here you will find plenty of ways to still get active with a dog even when you don’t have one in your household.

Still putting it all in the too hard basket? Not thoroughly convinced that your dog is your best partner in helping you shift those extra kilos/pounds? Then its time to read The Perfect Exercise Buddy – 5 Reasons to Workout with your Dog and don’t forget to sign up to to monitor your dog’s progress.

Are you keen to make your resolutions work this year? Do you think your dog can help you achieve this?

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