bike-with-dog-shadow The Dieting with my Dog Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance book by Peggy Frezon is now on the shelves – and my dog Scooter features in the book. You may be asking yourself WHY? Clearly a dog like Scooter has had no major ‘weighty’ issues. How did this dog end up in a diet book? But then there’s more to Frezon’s recent book than meets the eye…….

Frezon’s new book on Dieting with my Dog has a secondary title – How to get fit and healthy with your dog – and guess what our contributing chapter is all about – How to Bike with your dog (surprise, surprise). As you have probably guessed this is not your run-of-the-mill diet book. This is a book to pick up after you’ve given up on all the rest of the ideas, or perhaps, before you even start on all the others.

dog-reads-bookFrezon’s underlying idea is great. If you’re not motivated to look after yourself, perhaps you’ll be more motivated to look after your dog. If you put the energy into keeping your dog slim, fit and healthy you may also start to feel the benefits yourself. I think it’s best summed up by a quote from Heyrex: Some fitness partners flake out, miss workouts, or make excuses. But here’s a partner that won’t… your dog. Factor your dog into the equation and you’ve found the perfect exercise buddy.

The good news is that the ‘dieting’ section of Frezon’s book actually makes up a small portion of the book. As you navigate your way through the chapters on Weight Loss you’ll notice there’s separate pages for You (footprint) and ‘Your Dog’ (pawprint). The book’s strong point is that its been broken up into easily digestable sections. It’s other strength is that most of the content is actually devoted to getting active and shows you a number of fun ways to enjoy exercising and make the most of being with your dog

Frezon doesn’t tackle the book completely by herself either. Contributors are thick on the ground and have obviously got some great experience in getting fit and healthy with their dogs (and yes I’m completely biased because we’re one of them). These include:

• Steve Pelletier from SlimDoggy – (blogger and app developer) – on Exercise & Strength

• Annette Vivian & Snoopy from Snoopy’s Dog Blog – on Running

• Sarah Burdo and Charlie the Rottweiler & Homie the Chihuahua – on Hiking

• Jessica Rhae & Gretal & Chester from You Did What with your Weiner – on Camping & Snowshoeing

• Rosalyn Acero and Sugar the Golden Retriever from Golden Woofs – on Stair & Water exercise

• Diana Silver & Rocco from To Dog with Love – on Agility

• Tricia Montgomery & Diana Ozimek from K9 Fit Club – on Woof Workout exercises

• Krista Wickens from DogTread – on Treadmill expertise

There’s also some heartfelt stories on weight loss plus a wealth of resources at the end of the book to keep you on track and motivated. Ultimately the book is a well laid out guide to having fun with your dog and keeping the extra pounds off with lots of pictures included. How could you go wrong with that? And it’s reasonably price. If you want a ‘pawtographed’ copy please feel free to contact us……

Does getting fit with your dog interest you? Have you picked up The Dieting with my Dog Guide yet?

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