Paws_on_Path_YAPSLast Friday the family and I truly embraced FitDog Friday at the Paws on the Path Fun Run. Even the Tropical rain couldn’t keep us away from this Dog Event. Thankfully for YAPS and the Paws on the Path organisers there was still a healthy turnout of dogs and their owners – so much so they managed to raise over AU$2500 for the day.Paws_on_Path_YAPS Because the rain was so torrential my photos of the day are semi-ordinary. My iPhone was tucked away safely in a plastic pouch which unfortunately made for very hazy photos. Apologies!! But I was glad we attended the event. The rain on the day was enough to keep you easily stuck indoors BUT it was great to have a reason to get the kids away from the TV and enjoying some healthy outdoor exercise. Paws_on_Path_YAPSAnd what did all the dogs want to do after their rain soaked run? Why get even wetter of course! Most of the dogs and their owners ended up in the nearby river cavorting in the shallows. Funny!!Paws_on_Path_YAPS

Mostly I was impressed that this Dog Event still went ahead despite the torrential conditions and I was very impressed with the turnout. All of my family received a medal on the day and I was super proud of my kids getting stuck into the run without any whinging or whining – it was because of them that I ran the course (normally I would prefer to walk).

Well Done YAPS and Lorraine from Dynamic Running for organizing such a Fun Dog Event.

Have you been to any Dog Events recently? Are you looking forward to any in the near future?

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