Pet-cam-dog-at-lakeYou may have already noticed that I’m slightly obsessive when it comes to capturing good images of my dog. A friend was visibly shocked the other day when she saw the number of images I had on my iPhone (6,873 if you’re wondering). I’m not sure that she was less shocked when she learnt that they were mainly of my dog. So you may be surprised to learn of my latest quest to allow my dog to capture his own images. Here’s what I’ve discovered so far…..

Things I’ve noticed when my dog captures the footage:

1. His tongue will often feature. When I place my camera underneath, on my dog’s collar or fix it onto the breast plate of his EzyDog Harness I get a great shot of my dog’s chin as well as what he’s seeing. More often than not though there is a tongue present in the footage. Thankfully this adds a bit of character to the shot and you can guess straight away that the dog is the photographer.Pet-cam-dog-running-with-bike2. The angle of the shot is rarely straight. Cropping and straightening tools in your photo-editing suite are great for fixing up wonky horizons. Sometimes however an unusual angle can be cool. Angles can give the sense of movement – of a photo taken ‘on the go’ – which is generally what’s happening when your dog is in control of the camera.

3. You need to cull a lot of shots. Often, in photography, a number of images need to be taken before you’ll find the right one. When your dog is in charge of the camera this can multiply a hundredfold. There will be quite a few boring shots in amongst a classic image so brace yourself for a bit of work when you go through the images.

4. A dog’s perspective can be very entertaining. There are many images that I really couldn’t be bothered taking and yet my dog doesn’t care. He really doesn’t worry about where he goes or what he does when he’s carrying around the camera. I however am a little more self-conscious. When I take a shot it’s all about the composition and finding the best angle to capture the subject. When my dog takes a shot he’s focused on something entirely different – food, smell, marking his territory, prey – and all of that can make for some very funny footage. Often it’s my dog’s footage that gets the best laughs.Pet-Cam-Dog-and-Bicyclist5. You have to prepare yourself for shots of your backside. LOTS of shots of your backside actually because ultimately your dog likes to tag along behind you. Thankfully I’m in charge of the culling process (refer to no.3) because there are way too many unflattering images of me when my dog takes control of the camera. In my defence, I must say that pointing a camera upwards at someone is not always the most complimentary way of taking a photo.

So if you want a totally different angle on life and some Laugh Out Loud fun place a camera on your pooch, sit back (or better yet, get active) and let your dog take the pictures for a while. I’ll guarantee that you’ll enjoy perusing the footage later.

Have you placed a camera on your dog yet? Would you like to give it a go?

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