dog-by-lakeOver the Christmas Holidays it get’s pretty HOT and muggy up here in the Far Northern Tropics of Australia so my family and I often escape the coastal city of Cairns and stay and play at a Lake on the Tablelands – this year our dog (Scooter) got to come along!! This is his story………

Lake-Tinaroo-Holiday-Park“I was pretty excited to see the Lake Tinaroo Holiday Park was pet-friendly and going to be my home for the week.”

cabin-at-Lake-Tinaroo-Holiday-Park“I got to enjoy awesome sunrises and a lake view from my bed on the balcony of one of the Deluxe Waterview Villas.”

dog-running-at-lake“Every morning I got to run along the edge of Lake Tinaroo.”

dog-running-near-lake“Sometimes I spotted kangaroos hopping on water (later I discovered they were all jet skis) and I always ran a bit faster.”

dog-by-bike-with-sunrise“Occasionally we stopped to enjoy the rising sun.”

dog-in-ute-by-lake“And then later I got to ride in the back of the ute with all the water gear to the edge of the lake.”

dog-near-lake“And every day we stayed the sky just seemed to get bluer and the day’s just seemed to get warmer and warmer.”

dog-sleeps-under-ute“Sometimes it was so warm I crawled under the ute to chill out.”

dog-and-kids“Other times I hung out with the kids under the big shade tents.”

dog-at-lake“But my most favourite place to hang out, was down by the lake’s edge, where I could help out with all the daily activities…….”

“Hope everybody else had a fantastic FitDog start to the year. I’m really excited to hear what you’ve all been up to!!”

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