Turmeric-dogsDid you know that dogs can benefit substantially from adding turmeric to their daily diet? Turmeric Powder, the vibrant yellow ingredient used liberally in Indian curries, is known to many as a natural wonder and has a long history of use in both Indian and Chinese traditional medicine. Turmeric dogs can experience a reduction in inflammation particularly with respect to arthritis and itchy skin. Feeding turmeric to your dog is easy………

Previously I wrote about how my dog’s skin improved after receiving a daily dose of turmeric powder in “Inner Dog Health – Keeping your Dog Trim and Healthy”. The turmeric powder, and the shift to a better quality, grain free dog biscuit appeared to make the world of difference to my dog’s inflamed belly and neck regions, especially during the summer months.

Doug English, a local Vetinarian at Marlin Coast Vet Hospital (North Queensland), has been using turmeric for several years on both himself and his animal patients. Doug has seen very positive results in his patients for allergic dermatitis, atopy, Queensland Itch in horses, arthritis in both dogs and horses, irritant bowel disease, and an increased athletic ability and general improvement in health overall. He has also noticed that both dogs and horses accept and enjoy turmeric in their diet. Turmeric-dogs-dosageTo feed turmeric to my dog Scooter (as recommended by Doug), I put a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a cup and add a dash of freshly cracked pepper and a dessertspoon of Olive Oil. Both the cracked pepper and oil increases the metabolic effect (absorption) of turmeric into my dog’s body. According to Doug, oil such as olive, coconut, or linseed are best because they are higher in omega 3 and have less omega 6 components which can lead to an increase in inflammation.

Boiled hot water is added to the above ingredients until the cup is 1/3 full and then left to sit for a few minutes. Doug recommends topping it up with milk or soup to make it more palatable but I’ve found that my dog absolutely loves the mix ‘as is’. Turmeric-dogs-enjoy-feedThe warm broth is then poured onto my dog’s dry biscuits (I feed him a cup after his morning cycle-run). When the mixture has thoroughly soaked through and cooled off I then place it in front of my turmeric dog. Scooter then proceeds to devour the contents and lick his dog bowl completely clean, sometimes pushing the bowl to the other side of our porch. In fact, people have managed to make it through our front gate and into our house whilst Scooter is eating his turmeric feast – no other food will capture his attention this much (bones come a close second)!

If you ask my dog Scooter’s his thoughts on becoming a ‘turmeric dog’ I’m sure he’d give you a Big Woof and a Paws Up! I’m just happy that it’s made our tropical summers a little bit more bearable for him.

To explore the additional benefits of adding turmeric to your dog’s diet check out Doug English’s post on his NEW website – TURMERIC LIFE. Benefits such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, carminative, chemopreventive, antimicrobial, depurative (“blood purifying”), hepatoprotective, antithrombotic are listed amongst others. There are some contraindications too which you should read before adding it your dog’s diet.

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