dog-tows-skateboarderToday I’m doing some gratuitous self promotion for a BlogHop that’s happening this Monday. On the first Monday of each month, Paws and Pedals (AKA FitDog101) gets together with Boingy Dog and promotes the joys of stepping out with your dog and going for a walk. And in some instances you may like to add a bit of variation (like skateboarding with your dog) to the theme, if this sounds like you then…….

Both Boingy Dog and I would love to see some Bloggers hop onboard and share with us some of your ‘Walk your Dog’ escapades. Whether its a blog, a training tip, a funny adventure OR just a photo of you and your pup out and about ‘doing your thing’ we are keen for you to link up.


This coming Monday I will be discussing dog training and whether learning from, and investing in a Top Dog Trainer is really worth it. The Trainer I’ll be focusing on is Gary Jackson – a big name in the world of Dog Training in Austraila. Gary has taught dogs to detect cancer, sniff out ancient human bones, find endangered native species and invasive pests. At present he is on the road and touring the country and seeing people and their dogs on an individual basis. Gary’s aim is to to resolve all problems in one lesson and have his client’s dog walking on a loose lead down the street. Doesn’t this sound like a great person to interview for a ‘Walk your Dog’ BlogHop? I think so too!

If you want to learn more about Gary and what he does then please come by and visit my blog on Monday. Even better – Come along and link up to the Walk your Dog BlogHop……..


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