Facebook-banner-inspirationIf you follow us on Facebook then you may have noticed our Weekend Banners featuring inspirational pet owners and their inspirational dogs. Have you got an awesome photo of you and your dog doing something active in the great outdoors? Would you like to inspire other Dog Owners to get outside and have more fun with their dog? YES? Then you sound like just the person I’m looking for…..

On Week 1 I featured Kate and her Guide dog Matey snorkelling at Umina Beach in NSW Australia. Kate also manages a fantastic Facebook page that endeavours to keep parts of Umina Beach open to people who like to let their dogs play offleash.


On Week 2 Lindsay and Ace were featured hiking the Northern California mountains. Lindsay is a professional blogger at www.thatmutt.com who promotes and helps homeless dogs get adopted, provides training tips and has a whole heap of experience for people who are looking at starting up a dog walking business.


This Week its all about a couple who have adopted a senior dog from their local pound and have been regularly sighted ‘swimming’ at Umina Beach. They are presently teaching ‘Leo’ to swim as the Vet suggested it would be good for her.

I would love to keep posting up ‘new’ photos of Pet owners and their dogs each week on FitDog101’s Facebook Banner. I enjoy encouraging others to get active with their dogs. If you have a great photo of you and your dog then it could be you who becomes our next Weekend Feature. If you’re a blogger or have a Facebook page then I will add this to the banner for an extra Shout Out. The best shots will be featured on our Facebook Banner for the WHOLE weekend.


Images by Jeremy Cook (www.diytripods.com)

So what are you waiting for FitDoggers – I know there are tonnes of good photos out there. It might be your picture that inspires other dog owners to pick up the leash and walk out their front gate with their dog. You may even inspire them to take up SUP boarding together, OR ride a bike together, OR hike together, OR__________ (fill in the gap).


Images by Jennifer Phelan (www.dogadventures.com.au)


- Take a Photo of you and your dog engaging in something ACTIVE

- Send the Photo to kate@pawsandpedals.com.au OR post it to our Facebook Page

- Add your names, your location AND a web or Facebook link if you have one

- And then, keep watching our Facebook Page for a possible Feature

Many Thanks if you send something through…..

What Inspires you to get active with your dog? Do you have any favourite photos of you and your dog that you’d like to share?

This post is also part of the Fit Dog Friday Blog hop brought to you by SlimDoggy and co-hosts Peggy’s Pet Place and To Dog With Love. Join the Hop or just enjoy the links below – lots of fun fitness tips and advice!

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