Do you enjoy Dog Events? Scooter and I will be participating in a Fun Run for Dogs and Owners this afternoon. Paws on the Path is helping to raise $$ for a local animal shelter called YAPS. Since starting this Blog over a year ago we’ve participated in many events like this one. Dog events are a great motivator to go outside and get active with your dog and meet fellow dog lovers (plus enjoy a big dose of doggy adorableness). I have a question though……

What makes a good dog event?

Is it Activity? – Does a Dog Event need to involve a course in which you ‘compete’ or walk your dog and enjoy some exercise in the process of catching up with other dog owners.Million-Paws-Walk-RSPCAIs it Fundraising? – Knowing that other dogs (which are less fortunate than your own) will benefit from your presence (and $$) at the Dog Event.

Is it Socializing? – Getting out and meeting fellow Dog Lovers and letting your Dog socialize with a range of different breeds and varieties.

Is it Dressing Up? – The opportunity to put you and your animal on parade and try out a new costume that can’t be worn on too many other occasions.Dog-stalls-at-Dog-EventIs it New Pet Products? – Often stalls will be on display with ‘doggy’ goods and services that you may not have known about. Attending an event can put you in touch with local people that are in the business of keeping you and your dog happy.

Is it the Goody Bag? – Most events will produce a sample showbag of new products that have just reached the market. I know my kids fight over these bags to see what new toys they can ‘share’ with our dog Scooter.collage-of-dog-breedsOR is it just the DOGS? – There’s nothing quite like seeing one animal en masse. Attending a Dog Event means you are guaranteed a big dose of doggy adorableness – new breeds, favourite breeds, puppies, senior dogs, working dogs PLUS lots and lots of wagging tails. This in itself can be motivation for a great day out.

Do you enjoy Dog Events? Any special reason that motivates you and your dog to attend?

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