Evie (Image by Jeremy Cook)

Today I’d like to introduce a Guest Blogger – Jeremy Cook – who came to my attention after watching a crazy video involving a giant slingshot, a GoPro camera, a river and a very active dog called Evie (whom I originally thought was a Golden Retriever). This is their story……..

“3 years ago, my wife and I decided to adopt a puppy. After looking at several shelters, we finally got one from a coworker. As far as we could tell, the mother was mostly Pit Bull, and the supposed father was a Pyreneese-Beagle mix. Apparently this combination results in something that looks like a small Golden Retriever.


Adventures abound for Evie and her Family (Images by Jeremy Cook)

We eventually found out that this “designer” breed of furball has an incredible amount of energy. It seems that dogs need to get their energy out, and since we were in no mood to replace ALL of our furniture, the daily walks, runs, or mountain biking trips started. Through this, I was able to loose 20 pounds in the year after we got her. Evie probably can’t take all the credit, but when combined with a more reasonable diet, having an active dog is a great motivator.

If there was one downside to taking her on most of our outdoor excursions, it was that the first time I decided to go mountain biking without her, she decided to take a chunk out of our bedskirt. A trainer we later went to told us that “revenge” wasn’t really something that motivates dog’s actions, but the timing was a little too coincidental for my taste. Fortunately, I’m able to leave her behind for longer bike trips now, and she seems satisfied to stay home and possibly go for a walk with my wife while I’m gone.


Evie and her mum enjoy some great walks together (Image by Jeremy Cook)

Having a dog is great, and it’s nice to come home and see her wagging her tail to greet me. We didn’t adopt her with the intention of me losing weight. However, I think the possible health benefits of having an active dog like this is an important aspect that many people overlook when deciding on a breed to adopt.”

In addition to being a dog-lover, Jeremy Cook is a Mechanical Engineer and an avid tinkerer. You can read more of his ramblings on twitter ( or at his camera-centric blog, If you’ve ever considered hooking up a GoPro and filming some of your adventures with your dog then you should pay a visit to Jeremy’s blog and read some of his tips.

Do you and your dog have a similar story? Has a dog in the household meant a more active you?

This post is also part of the Fit Dog Friday Blog hop.