bike-with-dogDoes this sound like your dog – disobedient, restless, mischief-maker, always on the lookout for trouble and making life in your household slightly unbearable. Does it surprise you that this was my dog for the first 3 years of his life? I was very close to giving up until we stumbled on something that worked for both of us. Here’s a suggestion, don’t rely on the daily walk to help improve your dog’s behaviour. Go that one step further and work your dog……

I’ve been impressed by a recent video on Drift TV of a corgi herding sheep (apparently corgi’s were bred specifically to herd cattle). The owner started sheep herding as a way of creating a better bond between her and her dog. It made me realize that until I took up riding my bike with Scooter we were struggling with similar issues. Through the bike riding I have created a bond, a team, a partnership – much like the corgi and its owner, and through this I have a happier and more contented dog sharing my household environment.

If sheep herding or riding a bike with your dog sounds a bit out of your league don’t despair. There’s plenty of fun things to do with your dog to spice up your daily routine. The key is to make it enjoyable for both of you so it becomes a desire, not a chore.

Here’s are some suggestions for fun things to do with your dog:

Hike with your dog. Check out these pages for inspiration: Dog Adventures, YDWWYW and K-9 Dog Walking. You’ll soon discover that size or breed isn’t an issue when it comes to hiking.

• Join a Dog Agility class OR Dance with your dog. Blogs to check out are To Dog With Love and That Dog Dancing Guy

• Enjoy some Water Play. Try SUP boarding with your dog, or seek out the nearest Dock-Diving facilities that seem to be popping up all over the world. Alternatively keep it simple and go down to your nearest creek/beach and throw a stick around.

• Try Canine Running. Join a running club and enter your dog as a contestant too. ParkRun (UK/Aus) or the K9-5K runs held in the US are great events where you can get active with your dog.

• Create a Social Group of similar dog-breeds or dog-lovers in your community. In Cairns we have the FNQ Dachshund Club who meet weekly and in Port Douglas there is a social walking group that meets at the start of each month.dachshund-dog-group

• Try Geocaching, a high-tech treasure hunting game that is played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with a GPS or Smartphone. Gizmo the dog and his mates regularly partake in it.

• Train your dog to be a Therapy Dog. You and your dog can then provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement homes, schools, hospices, and disaster areas.

Still nothing that takes your fancy? Then pick up a good book with some more ideas on fun things to do with your dog. Check out 101 Ways to Do More with your Dog by Kyra Sundance – lots of great pics and some wonderful ideas (that I didn’t even know existed)

Remember, all these are just suggestions. Finding something you and your dog really love doing together will help to increase the bond between you, and keep both of you active and healthy in the process. Don’t just rely on the neighbourhood walk. Mix it up and make it more fun for both of you.

Do you have something special you like to do with your dog/s? What other things could we add to a ‘work your dog’ list?

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